Exam 1 -- Fall 2003

Exam 1 -- Fall 2003 - Physics 240 Fall 2003 Exam#1 Please...

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Physics 240 Fall 2003: Exam #1 Please print your name:___________________________________________________ Please list your discussion section number:___________________________________ Please list your discussion instructor:________________________________________ Form #1 Instructions 1. Fill in your name above 2. This will be a 1.5 hour, closed book exam. The exam includes 20 questions. 3. You may use a calculator, please do not share calculators 4. You may use one 3”x5” note card with notes and equations you think may be useful. You can write on both sides of the card if you like. 5. You will be asked to show your University student ID card when you turn in your exam. ID checked by:___________________________________ Table of constants: ε 0 = 8.85x10 -12 C 2 /Nm 2 k = 1/(4 πε 0 ) q electron =-1.6x10 -19 C q proton =1.6x10 -19 C m electron =9.1x10 -31 kg m proton =1.67x10 -27 kg G = 6.67x10 -11 Nm 2 /kg 2
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