PHYSICS 240 Exam 3--Fall 2002

PHYSICS 240 Exam 3--Fall 2002 - -l tname Yourprinted Your...

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-l t- tb( Your printed name ,(o, 'r' =C :'(( Your Signature Physics 240 Third Exam November 2112002 The exam is 75 minutes long. There are20 questions, check that you have all pages' You may u* on, 3" by 5" card of notes and a calculator. No other notes or books are allowed' Muke sure yolt correctly copy your choices to the answer slrcet. Make yott ptrt the examversion (2) on the answer sheet' Section Time 004 8:00 005 9:00 006 I l:00 007 2:00 008 3:00 009 4:00 012 013 10:00 014 11:00 015 016 I l:00 017 12:00 023 024 025 1:00 027 028 029 prefixes: Mmega=t06,kkilo=103,mmilli=10-3,pmicro=10-6,nni'lno=10-e,ppico=lg'12 Location 316 Dennison 325 Dennison 224 Dennison 205 Dennison lnstructor Winn Bretz Bretz Kurdak Kurdak Zhoa Zhou Zhou Tomozawa Some physical constants: Coulomb's law constant Charge on electron Mass of electron Mass of proton Permittivity of free space Permeability Speed of light in vacuum k = g.g88 * loe N-m2/C2 e= -!.602 16-tr a m" 9.109 10rr kg mo= 1.672x 10-27 kg €o 8.854 16-12 C2A{-m2 vo= 4n 10-7 T-m/A c =2.998 108 m/s
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], 167 /'1 f/ Physics 240 Fall 2002 Exam 3 N, )N" 5.Inanideal1:[email protected] current is 25 A. The primary voltage is: /,= | Pp = lO' lot t^t Vo ? A) 6.25V Nras \=25 n B) 25,600 V c) 32oo v D)400V ?e=f' 2 (p sov ,':::,,, to'to? N' v'r' '% = tt' v,4 vrT, (rt v.= ,/? (. v '. lndD. *4"' = L( A star has a total power output of W 3 x 1027 of electromagnetiJraaiation. O1?urt spherical particle with radius r is at a distance D=7.5 x 1010 meters from the star. The force on the particle due to the radiation pressure from the star is W 3'lo?7 'b 1,E'ht' rt - O H,H. r---5 7t A) w' ( ,\' Foc\D ) w(,\' 4c\D ) WD m zeto Wcr -: tnD" B) c) ry @ 7. If the electric field in a plane electromagnetic wave is along the y axis and its component is given by E sin(kr - 0I), in SI units, then the magnetic the z axis and its component is given by: F (g, d=
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/01/2008 for the course PHYSICS 240 taught by Professor Davewinn during the Fall '08 term at University of Michigan.

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PHYSICS 240 Exam 3--Fall 2002 - -l tname Yourprinted Your...

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