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PHYSICS 240 Exam 3--Fall 2004

PHYSICS 240 Exam 3--Fall 2004 - 2 PhqArc-s Qb F'tAzoo4...

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1. The magnetic field independ'ent of: 'A(the current. ^V ,, "q * \r\tL i Wl r' . i\ilt i' i.-- Bft = Bv'.nt'o .}i\i vi " '"'- t\ u Q^'oo SYnt'o-' & '\ ur= #,.''r-l' *j \**-* B. 1 .15 Q9_0s D.2 E. 1 PhqArc-s 2 Qb F*'tAzoo4 ttsp.^^3 B (magnitude and direction) insidea long ideal solenoid is )$= )lo'L ry -;; Te {\\ A' J'a'dt' llota,nc$- has a larger resistance and a has the same resistance.Td " smaller capacitance' U= - t'^'Q. q/'A(cr)-t" / ) B. the core material. ( Br the number ol turns per unit length of the windings. (t the cross-sectional area of the solenoid' ,(tfre direction of the current. z, The graphs show the time-dependences thea-mplit!-dqg"q99!ll-a!O4s-tn IL.e capacitor energy for two fol lorrying statements could be true? E f). . n"tutiue to circuit 2, circuit t has a smaller and a larger inductance. {t n"tutive t has a larger Y ive t has D. Relative 1 ,larger capacitance. F.. Relative to circuit 2, circuit 1 V= L& 3. The normal to a certain 1-m2 flat area makes an angle of 60 degrees wjth a uniform magnetic field present in all parts of the area. The magnetic flux through this area thelame as the flux a second flat area that is perpendicular to the field if the second area (in m') is Ocv't uo
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4. In a sinusoidally driven series RLC circuit, the inductive reactance is Xs = 200 e, the capacitive is X6 = 100 f), and the resistance is R = 50 fl, The current and applied emf would be in phase 't _ .l V A. the resistance is increased to 100 e, with no other changes. t B. the resistance to 200 e, with no other changes. c. the inductance is reduced to zero, with no other \l='t fu 1fine capacitance is doubled, with no other \-< (gtne is harved, 7* [email protected] 6;s nrf,l$ir"gulr-trrre 5. A 1O-turn solenoid has an inductance of 3.5mH. When the solenoid carries a current of 2.0 A the magnetic flux (in wb) through each turn is: 1,5u)6" ".390- Ltv +* L2cm --+ 100 Xxxv X X \<V --i\ 4v L€"tt \ t*,w,*r-ol ,{- i:0ontlaq t A.0 B. 3.5 x 10r t' -f'\ (9/ 7.0 x 10* D. 7.0 x 10-3 E. 7.0 x 10-2 g,3 rcf dS +\ V= to *u'rut'b 2,0 ft t * \1OT1t ,2\v I -r ofv a L /D\ \v I f I I L2 cm I I I I + ', tn - /r\ lt<- - l) t+,-- ; - 4 lu-,' lD 6. The circuit shown in a uniform magnetic field that into the page and is decreasing in magnitude at the rate i50 T/s, The current in the circuit (in A) -.---*-----=\ db (t-or9' fv B. 0.22 r ^d,A, \^ uJrr 0y I D. 0.62 p ..^<,, r toz\ \ - P -' \?n \'t' '/ E. 0.93 \p -_ ?,1v ,? Q ,'la-.- Y6/ (o- cL':-o i :- /fZ- FPIO rAlg 7. A constant is sent a helical coil, The coil: __*.__-:_ tends to get sfrortdD to rotate about its axis. produces zero magnetic at its center. rlj- fs .l p( a constant induced emf that counters the current. h F,qWw,
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PHYSICS 240 Exam 3--Fall 2004 - 2 PhqArc-s Qb F'tAzoo4...

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