Complex Numbers 3 - ' \!./ q urrr;-@!-anX fuxtlq C ctrrl. B...

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' \!./ q urrr;-@!-anX fu-l"i-nn cLlraul -,) grrre- 6r.n o6ro^f^.eO fuxtlq B G\. U> 4.Dlra4^ 4^rq G-r\{ C ctrrl. 0-!,a- K Cnrr,vneXnO . Le-l- tr4 ,e--o)Js uLEs, -------- o @ @ LoA Z =er tLQr\ o,nc!- ^rr--Ga-tib, arQ h1;O C crnn 0\g-e- x m.'rrn_q;^rJ n, Z +(\^) =er tLS, +a.e-* r b, = Ca,rez) t i C b, t0:e,l -ruJ Q,,, { io, -(o.-t i Lt' (4.-Q.r'l + L C6, - f..r} Zcr.o = Qer* L s,,)(o-* + r. l-r.) = o.rcr tLo, Or1 + Lcrqr, + Lcr. LQr* Q,sr * LtQr, Qr" t r- (o., be tq+Qr. ) . Q,Qr- r^ E, I * ; ucn 6..orrl:errrl lo rnsJl c.q- -Ul^ q+ Z s (rJ. L.q-. c\,+r-Q;,=o.2 aS, .t cl-1=ca
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