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Complex Numbers 4 - ncno-gi mc^r*b qOlI ot3 = nrn Z =-b*t Z...

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f t\r.a rnntLo...^^ li" o.S (wF{ \o-r/L cLc!c!-!c9- r'n' o+i ?& i 3 R -! o 'nr',.ql,a-q.- u=A c-bqr -L o -'o oQ-u( (h \A .r\ \ -L.L\ o-\ cEs-\ A-\ rio-I-ronA o '[ rn otcAa/i -l o q.l.>o^fa '\^tt!^ C- u"e n^Q-cc!* o"nc9. F r.rr.,>l lo cr!,o o -D o^fi\tl z !.'o{-n i,n ft o d.r.L c-a- 6 ffi jqt\rtv,.irn"Aot"t s \o'c..sr,r.: \-D's' c-l-c'-'rA C- Qrd+a^ ' qP- +O r>t\vllr .- - $4,^,D iel'"ot"LcrcAo?t^t i o (eL-+LQ.-> 'i\o-rg 6ronl
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Unformatted text preview: \ ncno-gi mc^r.*b qOlI ot3 = \ nrn Z = -b *t Z = T\ga = Ot z= A -i-!$s/^ Q.ge= a cn-'ncQ E, x gln^ OJ|t lnrnT= \ ts)( : I rr r- 9- +l^u/n lz la-- o-a + Q: a \t t -t^JL OJt;co{-r4\ CUO.-l.,r.r-l-lzt= fil+ q"L r& 1= NJ o+4. lJto.g T s.! e.c/ry\ Nl.r-x C crn i^^t* ' = = o--i s-, , \ Q = on f\,\r = lz\ o( z i te I = (laErr=[TF =fF Z o{ z i \ t-L )$N/\ t+ tl- )tf"vl z-6o Xt i l-{"o? E=Ko^"sha:...
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