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Complex Numbers 5 - \I2 h n1 f.ruc"r.r-c ^'u< C crN]c>...

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f.ruc"r.r!-c[ ^'u< C crN ]c> Sq.-t-le O'bc'{r't ' I !n^\ 8oe-qcru;t " \g-o-rrzn t4' Z- o.-* t b r \hsr".: e (c^*lu)cc".- Lbl = Gcr Lc^'[-' {.iQ-:u' + r- [.l C-i ] q) Lr q-rt -- qL- t-\ ) qJa=oL+ hl t- = G +lC-L)Q;\= d- cn aA-Te (\r>o\dlD LZ = TJnr, ; aoo& \o io"ncnrr -_9 -(- Fl \I2 h n1 O rnl fa} z.z ,t\r.,^'\ d"Sf u.l-l} s-+Lqt = < C- -k l.,c!t- -9-X 6vtr,>nicnn n^:e- cli AncA-!' ; 3:gg.' Z=cl.+L
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