Complex Numbers 6 - s\ers.licn zt Lz t L = o A I Z =-I\zl 8...

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a.*J"ttl alu\ TLi," fu-\ .rrl) Q,oo oe- tr,XQrn\ f,.!.-a_ i &-L orn& o,L)= \-il- rl-h!r^ \cA Lo o'!a- h\rcA o.-\ O.ln .Q- x u,'rn6.!-e- q-L)tr+11] (r-lf,)Ct * t L) = ftQ+Le-L -L'il) E- np z= a^ .= i -fL "t().*L + sL) = :r 5 +L oU^o/\ o.Q. \)a.r1Jo.ry- )o Sa"^o^ rt-" q Jrtour o.rilt Z- cn\l- -l.lno.S tu*,.l.-\ c c/r n ,,. ,.r^ ,..o i-l^A { ot.-racu,'^,- U . Lq.} {-vo ,1t-\ nrXM A,^^ t9-F o4l\ UrAg : 3. s Tru.,.r o^! !s OS.^,\ -lnorn &^,tr { ct Ll,-!.r^/) Uto.i-r E xcL,,'yn Nfd- : S oR"R -\'\^s.
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Unformatted text preview: s.\ers. .licn : zt* Lz t L = o A I Z = -I:\zl - 8_ =--\ t L i.g Zr= tr.L o"'& Z\=-\-A- onr-qrcJ,l^ -ts o.qrJio^$.-nr J o \\'- -a-c+ vraJirzn L nt*-LoO"* O* c-9-.n-e g-octAa qI -l\s^r- '\nrr o 'oc{ruflern4 ' n6o*-r -asr- !l^c^t Z s =7r. -i- 0,; ; Y r'-4^' ^ - - A o t - - - - r ( \ n n F ( - - l / A i ' " ^ J t -\nc,.n n C cl,e-cA . \) $o1l fu./q- C cr,./^ 6\ncNt ,.rur tJL {o qi,.'c ; c *Ca" o1 Nr Jt'Q^ a-= -r t tJ:T 0-=-41l|=il ,l...
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