Complex Numbers 9 - .c!* s- \ - c o s\ c,Li rnc^-t'r nUulff...

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HO.v To 11 ?tcruRE e A \cxr.x- 6\ncArc$-lz^ C cvn +a-e* O-Alrtc^d,,tq , qrr< Ca4A d\Lqh\^s. C. ar3 Rt o\ U^\ O\o,'nl ', W I qd I$\s._ rNrrcNlrt/vr J\q "5\ cx^rc o;nd- -lJ^\ et *;\[ K'c^&; . \X.zs- T\gq9- o-xL o.zn& 'l-b'\ L !.r s\Irrn cd-crn"6 nrrrrcn$J\A Cr- Arr.'n q, crlt-9. 'lJA x \ o' '\^4 lAt \, o.. ria -Ul,rs- t^*^Qfm04/t/t C,> . Vc/ t q*r -q c,r. .+\ o- $-d'^\ X * 1"1 \ q!* t X- e cl cn Ci n^.^lr-c O,^.
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Unformatted text preview: .c!* s- \ - c o s\ c,Li rnc^-t'r nUulff X I., W he/'\ c^q-D!t\ \:.u.J,Lcrn o.J.J_ t nr e ) 't\-rt^a1\!- $. t4 -!Jl!_ 3q; .} crn sq-!-!\e-O ot n F o-/r\ cg_-lA9r o^Ltf}.r crrnq\ g ).r&gt; x* L rr1 o uzn qnr lret&quot;rrer-n X - \&amp;t-e q X+ L\ \p16rr*d- \ c\rr,^l^)'.\ Lx'\) uA \ ' \lr{. \tr'^. .,tt Cwn *-r.,)A .e16&amp; fr.Ao.r J-h; e o cncXi {no'rn O lo f+iotr crrnc!-IA.L JAL q!',&quot;.4...
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