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Complex Numbers 11 - i"T-l^g O cAort c o c^ di6ncrtq qo JtX...

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"T-l^g i\ O cAort c o c^ di6ncrtq C,-o"n c\r(r\io4\-L qo JtX 0\/\!,Q-e/^ IOf^ cn t o'..rq ahcua-A Do(y,, JJJ @\ @gRvATfor.rsl O*; = ,.t\ t n, l:- l-g-L z = JIr aor e I + LJ\, a_Lne r o./\e{ 4JJ = .\ 1 Coo e s,. + ! ia n; 1 Z'cu; = Cr,cea gr + Ls, orr^O,)(rr*ccAer+tlrr,u,rn6r) A f r\ L \ecr)e r + L D^^er ) (c.se + * i Di^ €r.) c ec,c gl1 ecDea
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