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Complex Numbers 12 - l J crr o-ble^ nrt-UhLa I A-f < cLrn...

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l- J\ crr" -UhLa o-ble^ nrt, I A--f- < cLrn S\Q./\ll' C-t^t-L O"\ ; /A- \d, t; }}^q^: SJ Z=\Loe + Lsto,r,ne =D Z\\h(cvsc\e) *^. ur^rne) I g 4.r;{- qocA,a o.\ r\lymJrOvr O-l-!irr,rr \s on&,: 6r c*,^r{,c ar-!^-A Co 01 t I g ^p( +\tn$a {Co): ccte + i 4tc^* -0-0^q €') I "rr G\ st^hs^ fupcncla Q-x Oonnq/^},\ c$- n-r->r-C.ln Aft4\#h CooOt r.-D.Vngr (ccrre, +L,>j^^
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