Complex Numbers 17 - Cq-n qd C r Cr!r< e orr^ 6-Ae x L e C = A L B*e p"^.1-jl^ e-^s4 cL Aaltr-Br A,B JAr-rBr T$.sr^\o,r-O orrrl Jb q-1

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t? B*-r ^++ s-^e- N"T Lg' y"otr3 Bq.o^I-a-* ; $\o{r%}'\ o'pe s-tJ -QOon^,o& OQ;cr{J a g/T pqrx nn*r,"rnlfzra , N cQo CNc,\ 7r1lo./r. .\ Grn,a.ztr J-ltl; \ q-,q'd -t\ g*!- nn'u-rn-0rf't'o -^ qrrx^ O.-'na; N\JQA , T-1"* r'.t G^e- "^*r\ ,5c>t*Ji c''I\''a { o $L'[ C^*V"" ^^!ic.\ c q u-U-!c/\ ) f5 o-ffq O.^q ^g- o.A L ' { ' -ll^!- \ c.-nq. q* n^o^^o 6-.a,,t-\ = O o-". cQ Y)encr.q Ozrg- .n\cr{. L*\ U) fu-r'.-tlh tocn=C) 1r H fA!. \./t \rh.^f (Ar( & o : o rX,/q-
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Unformatted text preview: Cq-n qd C. r Cr !r< e orr^ 6-Ae x L. e- C, = A,* L B\ *e p"^.1- -jl^.!- e,-^s4 cL: Aaltr-Br A,,B, JAr-rBr, T$. .sr^ \o,r-O orrrl Jb. q;-1. rnr-'---A'g-,,c n5 : Clr'! LB,) s-x t c co< + t r-ir\*) f CAe-vr-b")qxCc\,cx L o-i""11 = qX I ntecox - B, -nJ.r,n X + t A,f,r. .rr. .X -+ L B, c.or +A1 cczok +bs-A;X-L Ararir. .X tL Brc'axl = g-x L t A,'t Ae) c.o x + C-8, tB") ,a]-r"^ X r J + t ( tS, - Ar) +i/\ x + CB,t Bt)cc/f, X ) J...
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