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Complex Numbers 18 - gx&a,ccrrr a.B-r:^rn,x...

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rB t, W r c!-o *^ar\ ^po.,^n.1 5 oq^^!6:.no nfrhq,rrL l-ht 6un \ \J) ec^^,"\t "^|Q^t () (A,- Ar\-J*--^F {r (B\ ( L = hn qc\.r^.o i X \^.n\ qq, -U,lr- $A\+N^^e c^lz. .r.r",r1p, i . a_ ) o \D-a-L f\ -U-}rL A ,3 A- i. e. , q/T\ C[ Tso"n \ rrlo-rgr. ^o^^t . Sg, *Be sr". d- {r- S\ ^;r/" -Ul^q o o'{,rr-li ot\tJ \=
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Unformatted text preview: gx (&a,ccrrr a.B,-r:^rn,x ) 4^t\"4/,e A, o.a. .c!. B, C,rn -e.re- onn l\lt^I-n\^^""I^{^ . L_'.-t r.}ro c_c^x{ .llt C, orncL-tg, Cr \= Q-x ( C\ cc.cx -t cI -a.r,,n x ) = Cr . .9-K ccax + C 3- a- x ,o.^r*. x ^^.r. .e. Arrqa1 )ccox = O rUth.",r<^re4 t b ) Ba- = -8, cr...
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