2nd Paper for Exam - Adrian Art 215 19th Century Art...

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Adrian Art 215 19 th Century Art History Second Exam March 2008 p. 4 Discuss the popularity of landscaping in 19 th century art. Referring to these works, explain what motivated their artists to choose their subjects and indicate what they were trying to communicate? Allston: Moonlit Landscape 1819; American Romanticism Church: Niagara Falls 1867; American Romanticism By the mid nineteenth century, landscape artistry had become very much in demand. People liked the idea of seeing nature as it truly was. Seeing the sunset/sunrise with all the vibrant luminous colors was breathtaking. The true artist who had mastered the landscaping techniques could make you feel as though you were in the picture. In Allston’s, Moonlit Landscape , you can see how even the moon almost seems real. You could sit and gaze at it as if it were the real deal. His work has this mysterious and truly evocative feeling about it. Landscape paintings were done on such large canvasses; it would be hard for one to not be overcome by such magnificence.
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2nd Paper for Exam - Adrian Art 215 19th Century Art...

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