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sec092507 - com party is the culmination of the prolet and...

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sec 09/2507 169-17 ppl don't view the contradictions in forces and and production MoP: *ideological superstructure changes in supersturcture comes from the we are free becuz of labor labor mediates our needs we wont die becuz we produce a surplus this production of surplus frees us from natural necessities producing the surplus governs the class relations over human beings which iss governed over property relations its a cycle of overcoming one unfreedom to another one that appears and then overcoming that. .. over and over. ... marx argues that the unfreedom ends in communism with marx, communism is relating to his socialism proletariat and communist party share the same interest are almost one and the same
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Unformatted text preview: com party is the culmination of the prolet and is a nec development in the creation of capitalism and how the proletariat becomes a class com party also elaborates and provides an understanding to the proletariat of its current conditions and where its going its future Goal: abolition of private property (ownership of the means of production) abolition of classes and class relations; eliminate wage labor labor becomes an end instead of a mean arguments ag. communism and marx responses freedom-for workers is a sham so freedom exists in cap only for the Bourg. culture- 172 family- 173 economic relationship and based in exploitation country- 174 there is no country...
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