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sec10/0907 restitute law(68) -kind of like civil law -restore prior state of affairs -function: (82-3) +restores regularity, smoothes DL, prevents fragmentation, allows co-op +like nervous system in human body -specialized bodies (70) - sum (72) Contracts. .... OS: Organic Solidarity (79) legal expression of cooperation noncontractual elements (71): conditions of social cohesion. trust. OS (158-9) doesnt = Adam Smith (81): exchange - rel of xchange along with its contracts already assume cooperation in solidarity
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Unformatted text preview: (161): self-interest - contracts involve compromise in mutual beneficial ways (164): supply and demand is not enough to coordinate ppl together we need the DL and the solidarity to run it (163): unfair contracts - create imbalance. threaten solidarity State (158): function - regulated. uphold conditions of contract- cooperation. interdependence- times of change (162): restoring normal form- elimination conditions/abnormal forms (170): why? - problem for individual (161,173)...
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