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sec10/1107 durkheim!!! dysfunctional DL +abnorma forms' remedy *DL increases *regulatory bodies historical development *DL is increasing *Organic solidarity is increasing *mechanical solidarity is decreasing which is based on the similarities of individuals in society (200) as DL increase more individuality so less MS (204) all societies meet together and form a larger society which leads to (205) physical density increasing which increases competition and leads to specialization
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Unformatted text preview: and leads to increased DL +moral density (208) (210) (205,213) might suck (212) natural conditions -> social differentiation (214) adundance --> Marx(new needs) +societal need +fatigued +intelligent-specialization (218-9): MS for DL increases (221) basic MS (291) normal form -> OS increases abnormal: DL increases, OS stays the same (303,305) cause rapid development Dl (296,7 state...
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