sec101607 - > wage labor ||| - FoP contradict...

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sec 10/1607 review of the midterm: Durkheim---------------------------------------------|||------ Marx---------------------------------------------------- anomic DL------------ - psychological condition of ||| - experience of alienation [contradiction] unawareness of conditions of interdependence - lack of coordination ||| - crisis of overproduction [contradiction] + lack of norms Causes of problems: Durkheim---------------------------------------------|||------ Marx----------------------------------------------------- - rapid change ||| - conditions of alienation >private property>RoP > market- >for profit > capitalist owbership
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Unformatted text preview: > wage labor ||| - FoP contradict RoP Solution: Durkheim---------------------------------------------|||------Marx------------------------------------------------------ DL ^ ||| - eliminate RoP - revolution > communism> > get rid of abnormal forms > OS^- freedom- get this through state regulation with the very little MS that remains ||| - hates specialization dealing with social pos.- not only a society but also involves occupational groups >freedom>- specialization- natural abilities. ..../[not =] social pos. ^forced DL [dont want it]||| ||||| ^ get rid of inheritance |||||...
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sec101607 - > wage labor ||| - FoP contradict...

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