10-1607 - soc 124 10/1607 review*deserving poor go to work...

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soc 124 10/1607 review: ***deserving poor- go to work everyday, work for minimum wage or near it, disability workers, not that they deserve to BE poor but that they are allowed to or deserve to be compensated due to their circumstances ***informal market- can sell and serve goods, services, etc. not officially but not illegally gained either, still like someone going to costco and then reselling those goods on the street or in their car or to friends ***illicit economy- drug dealers and all illegal dealings with goods ***human capital theory is focused on gaining or losing of capital in accounting for successes or failures in the labor market, does not look at psychological but more on social and human capital - close to individual levels but not the same because it is not related to the psychological aspect of the individual poverty and wealth -economic deveoplment and underdevelopment in poor neighborhoods ||| world bank issues self report that indicated they are under developed in working with agencies in countries to increase production and their worth [world bank- made to help poor countries] + thought that lessening government involvement would help these countries make more with their GNP + opened more markets to encourage farmers to sell more and produce more, but it didnt happen like that, the structural causes of poverty in an open market prevented growth, trickle down affect does not sufficiently reach the poor + behavior of farmers choosing not to invest more to produce more in face of the idea of not being able to make it up in the prices
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10-1607 - soc 124 10/1607 review*deserving poor go to work...

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