11-1307 - >what would we use to assess it?-number of...

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sec 11-1307 poverty, disease, and health -informing ppl about health risks >decimation of information -disease and epidemic >public health agencies >tv and radio >internet >interventions to create health -public health clinics >even though ppl are being helped only 1 in 4 actually have health care after these programs are ended for them so many children are not covered at all; stats only for adults registered in the programs so children are not accounted for >children are very vulnerable; so many ppl are susceptible to disease >children with less healthcare have weaker immune system which leads to adult with weaker immune system Health care delivery -how efficient is the system? >where is health care delivered for poor? -private clinics-folk medicine >curranderismo >herbalists from the east >alternative medicinal techniques: accupuncture -public clinics >la familia/la clinica >emergency rooms -very important for poor to somehow get medicinal aid but sometimes dont -is the systen able to address health for the poor in an effective way?
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Unformatted text preview: >what would we use to assess it?-number of repeat visits with same condition-number of days missing work-number of days someone says they don't feel well-self assessment of quality of life >an alternative set of criteria-how much does it cost the health system?-farmer sets inequalities and every society has inequality no matter what >not how to get rid of inequalities but to find a way to organize and structure the inequalities we have in our society >in this class we mainly deal with the lowest level of ppl who are in the inequality rung-health and disease are not the same >disease is the onset of a bio pathology >health is a relative condition that includes a variety of states-disease free-daily activity poverty and disease-disease schema >diseases that emanate from poverty-leprosy-typhoid-typhus-cholera-tuberculosis-disease that afflicts the poor >sexual diseases-HIV/AIDS-syphilis >viral,bacterial, and parasitic infections-hanta, ebola, west nile...
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11-1307 - >what would we use to assess it?-number of...

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