syllabus - Th-lec on pub. Housing and pov. Readings:...

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Soc 124 Prof. Sanchez-jankowski OH: Tuesday 10-12 in 470 barrows Telephone number: 642-4297 Exam dates: Sept. 25th, Oct. 18th, Nov. 13th, Dec. 11th Week 1: T- discussion of the outline for the course Th- lecture on analytic concepts utilized Readings: john Iceland-poverty in America Abhijit vinayak banerjee-understanding poverty ch. 1-3 Week 2: T-lecture on ethnicity and poverty Th-lecture on globalization and poverty Readings:banerjee-understanding poverty ch. 6,7,12 Week 3: T-lecture on social structure in rural development Th-lec on soc. Struct in urban development Readings: banerjee-understanding poverty ch. 4,5,8 William Wilson-when work disappears… Week 4: T-lec on culture of pov II Th-lec on comp econ development and pov Readings: Oscar Lewis-Five families Week 5: T-Sept. 25th EXAM #1 Th-lec on human capital and pov.
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Readings: Banerjee-Understanding Pov, ch. 16,18 Week 6: T- lec on soc. Capital and pov. Th- lec on cult. Capi. And pov. Readings: Daniel Dohan-price of poverty… Week 7: T-lec on geography and pov.
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Unformatted text preview: Th-lec on pub. Housing and pov. Readings: Banerjee, understanding pov. Ch. 24-28 Week 8: T- lec on wealth and pov. Th-OCT. 18th EXAM #2 Readings: banerjee, understanding pov. Ch. 22,23 Week 9: T-lec on crime and pov Th-lec on corruption and development Readings: banerjee-understanding pov. Ch. 11 Sanchez-jankowski-islands in the street Week 10: T- lec on sexuality and pov. Th- lec on parenting and pov. Lec on pov. And health Readings: banerjee-understanding poverty ch. 9,10,20,21 Week 11: T- lec. On pov and disease Th- lec. On pov. And health Readings: Paul farmer-infections and inequalities Week 12: T-NOV. 13 EXAM#3 Th- lec on disaster and pov and soc isolation Readings: Eric Klinenberg-Heat Wave Week 13: T- lec on soc isolation and pov. TH-THANKSGIVING Readings: NONE Week 14: T-lec on health and income Th-lec on pov. And pub. Policy I Readings: Banerjee-understanding pov. Ch. 13-15 Week 15: T-lec on pov and pub policy II Th-review of course DECEMBER 11th- FINAL EXAM...
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syllabus - Th-lec on pub. Housing and pov. Readings:...

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