190 syllabus - 1 Sociology 190: Institutions and Cognitions...

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1 Sociology 190: Institutions and Cognitions Syllabus (with changes to be made) Spring 2008 John Levi Martin Sociology University of California, Berkeley Course Description : This is a seminar in advanced sociological social psychology, investigating how relatively coherent institutions produce beliefs. It is comparative in that we look at a wide variety of institutions. Requirements : Students will turn in reading notes at the beginning of class each week; in addition to the first week, two other times they can skip the notes. Cheerful and regular attendance is also expected and counter. The main assignment is a paper. At the fifth week, they will turn in a proposal. At the tenth week they will turn in a rough draft. On the date of the final they will turn in the final draft. This paper can be (1) an analytic review of some field not covered in the class or (2) a case study based on secondary sources. Policies : No alcohol, tobacco or firearms in class; no tacks on chair or spitballs; no pigtails in inkwells; be nice to each other and most importantly no violations of UC’s code of academic conduct . I believe that many violations are partially-inadvertent. But it is your responsibility to understand what this code entails (you can read about it at: http://students.berkeley.edu/uga/conduct.asp ). If you have any questions please feel free to come in and talk to me or someone else. Seriously—because UC’s policy is on the vague side I can help explain what is and what isn’t okay. (The key thing is that there should never be any confusion about “who’s work I have in front of me”—if you keep that in mind you should be okay.) My class is like Idaville—anyone who breaks the law goes to jail. For more information you can go to the FAQ section of my website ( http://www.ssc.wisc.edu/~jlmartin/classes.htm ). Contact : My office is 430 Barrows Hall. My phone number is 642-7609. My email is jlmartin@berkeley.edu . Email is a fine way to reach me but the turn-around is approximately a day or two. You can use the phone for something you want a faster answer to. My office hours are Tuesdays, 2-4. If you can’t do that, email me some times you can meet and I’ll get back to you with one I can do. Grading : 20% will be attendance and participation. This means keeping up with the reading and participating in discussion. Some of the readings are h-a-r-d, so we’re not reading a huge amount. So that gives you time to look up words in the dictionary, Wikipedia who the Donatists were, and so on. Five percent is based on you doing minor assignments related to your paper (such as submitting your abstract on time) and 20% based on the partial draft you will hand in during class of the ninth week. The remaining 55% is based on your final paper handed in one week after the last day of class.
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190 syllabus - 1 Sociology 190: Institutions and Cognitions...

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