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Economics 101 Section 400 Principles of Economics I Winter 2007 Syllabus Instructor : Chad Hogan Office : Lorch M109 Email : [email protected] Phone : 936 2745 Classes: Each week, we will meet for two lectures Monday and Wednesday, 2:30 - 4:00 pm, Lorch 140 In addition, there will be a weekly meeting of your discussion section. Attendance of neither lectures nor discussion sections is compulsory, but both are strongly recommended. Due to the large size of the class, lectures will tend not to be interactive experiences (although efforts will be made to address questions and comments where possible). In general it will be more fruitful to seek clarification from, or direct comments to, discussion leaders during discussion section. Discussion sections will provide opportunities for students to discuss course material in a more responsive setting than the lecture hall, will provide opportunities to review material from weekly assignments, and will provide an opportunity for a small amount of in-class assessment. Office Hours: Outside scheduled class time, there are further opportunities to consult with the instructors for the course. My own regular office hours will be held Tuesday and Thursday, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm in Lorch M109 I will be available for consultation outside those times by appointment, or any time you happen to catch me in my office. In addition, the Graduate Student Instructors who lead the discussion sections will generously provide a pool of general-access office hours. Times and locations for these office hours will be announced in the near future.
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Course Materials: The most important resource for the course is the assigned text. Hubbard, R. Glenn & O’Brien, A.P., Microeconomics, 2 nd ed., Prentice Hall, 2007 A study guide is also available for this creatively titled text. While the study guide is not an integral part of the course, and no explicit material will be assigned from the study guide, some students may well benefit from the opportunity it affords, to practice some of the techniques developed in class and to emphasize the important lessons learned in class and from the text. As an alternative to the textbook, some of you may be interested in purchasing a 180-day subscription to an e-version of the text through CourseSmart. This allows you to read the text online, and probably to print out the text one page at a time. Last year, there was also an option to have an unbound, hardcopy of the online material delivered to your door for a small additional fee. The only distinction between this e-version and the real text is that some of the photographs in the real text are not reproduced in the e-version for copyright reasons. If you are interested in the e-version, visit and search for the ISBN 0138132771. The price of the e-version is $62.50.
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Econ101syllabus_W2008-1 - Economics 101 Section 400...

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