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ISS 320 Midterm Exam Review Definitions Umma - The Islamic Community Hara(t)Suq Factory System- manufacturing method of England:each worker makes single part of assembly Lancaster Method - Very strict method of teaching adopted by Egypt from Europe Dhimmi- pact contracted between non- Muslims and authorities from their Muslim government Fordism- belief that widespread prosperity and high corporate profits achieved by high wages allowing workers purchase output they produce Taylorism- division of labor pushed logical extreme, with a consequent de-skilling of worker and dehumanisation of workplace. Enframing - method of dividing up and containing which operates by conjuring up a neutral surface or volume called space Equilibrium Telos - The goal to strive for Lived space - area of space inhabited by Kabyle family Short Answers 1. The four sectors of economic production include primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary and they represent different levels of modernity. The primary production level is classified as a city that relies on raw materials for production including agriculture, fishing, forestry, and mining. The secondary level relies on industry and the use of manual labor and factories to convert raw materials into products. The tertiary level relies on service, and instead of actual products being traded, services are preformed. The quaternary level is the level considered to be the most modern and it relies on information and communication technology. 2. The first isnad based mainly on French North African sources and studies with focus placed on the city of Fez. The second isnad is based on studies of the Syrians cities: Aleppo and Damascus done by Sauvaget and Lapidus. 3. Abu Lughod stated that William Marcais’ quintessential Islamic City consisted of a city with a congregrational Friday mosque and a market of large bazaar must be nearby. There also had to be a public bath available that believers preparing for Friday prayer would be able to use. 4.
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iss320_midtermreview - ISS 320 Midterm Exam Review...

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