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CSC3380 Object Oriented Design Lecture 4: Design and UML
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About the Quiz
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About the Teams
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Last Class Why source control? Setting up your project. Source control guidelines
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This class How to start the design process How to write UML
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Object-oriented design is: What classes do I need? What fields are in the classes? What methods are in the classes? How are they connected?
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What classes do I need? Read requirements spec. for important nouns. The example we’ll be using: - cs.gordon.edu/courses/cs211/ATMExample/
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Mission: class discovery
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What relevant types/objects do we find? ATM Card reader ATM card Console: Keypad Display Message Transaction PIN Envelope slot Cash dispenser Printer Key-switch Com-link Bank computer (external) Customer Log
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Which of these objects are complex/simple? A complex object is composed of other objects. A simple object depends only on built-in types. ATM obviously depends on everything else. The console depends on the keypad and the display [other examples]
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Some simple objects Card reader ATM card Keypad Display Envelope slot Cash dispenser Printer Key- switch
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Why do we care? Simple objects can be modelled first. Complex objects can be modelled after simple ones. OO-design: bottom-up design
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