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CSC3380 Object Oriented Design Lecture 2: Development Process & User Stories
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Announcements New T.A.: Qun Liu [email protected] T.A. will be doing administrative work and only basic grading. Quizzes, tests, and milestones will be graded by instructor.
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Last class: Programming paradigms Object-oriented motivation Design
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This lecture: The development process Agile processes User stories
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What’s a development process? A way of dividing software development into phases such as: Implementation Design Testing Etc. A way of defining the activities of developers
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The “natural” development process Get project requirements Disappear and start coding immediately Abruptly stop coding and start testing Emerge from cave to demo project Haphazardly fix bugs as they emerge.
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Waterfall: an engineering process * Originally introduced as an example of a flawed model
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