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Unformatted text preview: Name: ______________________________ Version A Th sh is ar stu ed d vi y re aC s o ou urc rs e eH w er as o. co m Biology 129 – Biology and Ecology of Marine Mammals Midterm Examination I Version A 4/30/2015 MULTIPLE CHOICE: Fill in the letter of the correct answer on the scantron. There is only one correct answer per question (2 pts each) 1) Which one is NOT a characteristic of the class Mammalia: A. Viviparous B. 7 cervical vertebrae C. Endothermy D. Two chambered heart E. Three inner ear ossicles 2) I am a member of the only group of marine mammals that swims with fore flippers A. Sperm whale B. Enhydra lutris C. Tursiops truncatus D. Baiji E. Zalophus californianus 3) What is the only order of marine mammals that went extinct? A. Archaeoceti B. Enaliarctos C. Desmostylia D. Otariidae E. Cetartiodactyla 4) Coastal upwelling is caused when the wind makes surface waters move: A. Downwards B. Onshore C. South D. Offshore E. North 5) Enarliarctos is considered an evolutionary transitional form of: A. Archaeocetes B. Phocids C. Puijia D. Basilosaurus E. Pinnipeds 1 | 1 0 Name: ______________________________ Version A Th sh is ar stu ed d vi y re aC s o ou urc rs e eH w er as o. co m 6) Members of the Sub Order Mysticeti have: A. Asymmetrical skulls and baleen plates B. Symmetrical skulls and one blowhole C. Symmetrical skulls and an unfused lower jaw D. Asymmetrical lower jaw and baleen E. Telescoped skull and asymmetrical skull 7) Seamounts can increase biological productivity by: A. Facilitating upwelling B. Serving as foraging ground of elephant seals C. Increasing light in the ocean D. Generating downwelling E. Stimulate changes on the PDO 8) Ambulocetus was a member of what cetacean group? A. Phocoenidae B. Archaeoceti C. Pakicetidae D. Desmostylia E. Sirenia 9) The last species of marine mammal believed to have gone extinct is: A. Vaquita B. Bowhead whale C. Baiji D. Steller sea cow E. Ambulocetus 10) The family Balaenopteridae includes species such as A. Humpback, sperm and blue whales B. Belugas and narwhals C. Blue, killer and beluga whales D. Pygmy sperm whale and pygmy right whale E. Fin, blue and minke whales 11) The ancestor of today’s pinnipeds are believed to have gone back to the ocean in the area of: A. Tethys Sea B. Coastal California and Oregon C. Kashmir D. Antarctica E. Pleistocene 2 | 1 0 Name: ______________________________ Version A 12) Which one is NOT a characteristic of the order Sirenia A. Herbivorous B. Occur in warmer waters C. Long paddle flippers D. Marine & associated with fresh water E. No dorsal fin 13) The order Sirenia includes the families: A. Trichechidae, Phocoenidae and Dugongidae B. Phocoenidae and Trichechidae C. Trichechidae and Dugongidae D. Dugongidae, Trichechidae and Monodontidae E. Monodontidae and Dugongidae 14) Marine mammals overcome the complications of moving in water by: A. Holding their breath B. Having a fineness ratio close to zero C. Modifying their body shape to increase turbulent flow D. Modifying their anatomy to induce a laminar flow E. Diving to the mesopelagic zone 15) Among the methods to study the composition of marine mammal’s diets are: A. Direct observation, DNA amplification and stable isotopes B. Time Depth Recorders (TDRs) and accelerometers C. Metabolic chambers, acoustics and temperature D. CTD tags and GPS E. Direct observation and TDRs 16) The largest species of the family delphinidae is A. Delphinus delphis B. Phocoena sinus C. Physeter macrocephalus D. Grampus griseus E. Orcinus orca 17) The leopard seal diet is unique as it includes: A. Fish and penguins B. Mammals, birds and invertebrates C. Invertebrates, fish and lobster D. Clams E. It is a krill specialist Th sh is ar stu ed d vi y re aC s o ou urc rs e eH w er as o. co m 3 | 1 0 Name: ______________________________ Version A sh is ar stu ed d vi y re aC s o ou urc rs e eH w er as o. co m 18) The El Niño event taking place right now is likely to cause: A. An increase in biological productivity of the water column B. Intensification of upwelling C. Intensification of downwelling D. A decrease in biological productivity of the water column E. A shallower thermocline in the Eastern Pacific 19) Local members of the family Delphinidae include: A. Zalophus californianus, Physeter macrocephalus and Mirounga angustirostris B. Mirounga capensis, Orcinus delphis and Grampus robustus C. Delphinus delphis, Grampus griseus and Tursiops truncatus D. Tursiops delphis, Delphinus griseus and Megaptera novaeangliae E. Ziphius cavirostris, Orcinus orca and Eschrichtius robustus 20) Which of the following statements is NOT true about pinniped vibrissae A. They have fewer nerves per follicle than humans B. They are used for prey detection C. They are larger and have greater blood flow than terrestrial animals D. They are sensitive to very small objects E. A larger portion of the brain is devoted to vibrissae 21) The basilar membrane of mysticetes is: A. Floppy and broad B. Stiff and narrow C. Adapted for high frequency hearing D. Absent E. None of the above 22) Modifications for hearing in water include: A. Enlargement of the external pinna. B. Loss of ear ossicles. C. Isolation of ear from remainder of skull bones. D. B and C E. None of the above 23) Drag is: A. A physical force resisting downward motion B. Increased when swimming submerged C. Reduced in less streamlined body shapes D. Increased exponentially with speed E. None of the above Th 4 | 1 0 Name: ______________________________ Version A sh is ar stu ed d vi y re aC s o ou urc rs e eH w er as o. co m 24) Circle the statement that is NOT true about the Cost of Transport A. Used to compare efficiency of locomotion B. Increases with increasing body mass C. Power required to move a given mass at some velocity D. Calculated as the metabolic rate/speed E. Increases exponentially with speed in water 25) Which of the following statements is true about marine mammal gustatory abilities? A. Only polar bears have taste buds B. Bottlenose dolphins can taste only sour and bitter things C. It is generally reduced in marine mammals D. Pinnipeds cannot discriminate between salty and sour E. They swallow food whole so they cannot taste anything 26) Which of the following statements in true about marine mammal olfactory abilities? A. Odontocetes have reduced olfactory bulbs B. The olfactory apparatus is more reduced in otariids than phocids. C. Olfaction is very important for foraging in polar bears D. Sirenians have well developed olfactory structures E. Sea otters have rudimentary olfactory structures 27) Members of the family Balaenidae: A. Have a symmetrical skull, one blow hole and are muckers B. Have an asymmetrical skull, two blowholes and are skimmers C. Have a symmetrical skull, no dorsal fin and are gulpers D. Have a symmetrical skull, no dorsal fin and are skimmers E. Have an asymmetrical skull, two blowholes and are gulpers 28) Diel feeding patterns are a result of: A. Diving pattern of mysticetes B. Vertical migration of prey species C. Feeding and breeding in two separate geographic locations D. all of the above E. None of the above 29) The throat pleats on Balaenopterid whales are used for the following: A. Temperature regulation. B. Allows expansion of the throat to allowing engulfing whole schools of prey. C. Increased blood storage to increase diving capability. D. Vestigial structures that have no functional purpose. E. A and D. Th 5 | 1 0 Name: ______________________________ TRUE OR FALSE (1 pt each). Answer the following questions as True (1) or False (2) on your scantron 30) _F___ Members from the family Ziphiidae have polydont dentition 31) _T___ Odontocetes have an assymetrical skull 32) _T___ River dolphins and walrus have reduced, poorly developed eyes 33) _F___ Members of the family Delphinidae have triangular dorsal fins 34) _F___ The killer whale belongs to the family Phocoenidae 35) _F___ The narwhal has a circumpolar Antarctic distribution 36) _T___ Rorquals have throat grooves 37) _T___ Members from the family Balaenidae have a strongly arched jaw 38) _T___ The sea otter is the smallest marine mammal 39) _F___ Polar bear fur is the densest fur of all marine mammals 40) _F___ Dugongs have a paddle like fluke 41) _T___ The family Phocidae is more widespread than the family Otariidae 42) _F___ Hydrostatic pressure decreases with depth 43) _F___ Lung collapse begins at bronchi and ends in the alveoli 44) _F___ Marine mammals do not experience lung collapse 45) _T___ Deep divers dive on exhalation 46) _F___ On average, mysticetes dive deeper than Odontocetes 47) _T___ On average, phocids dive deeper than Otariids 48) _T___ Lactic acid present in marine mammal tissues indicates anaerobic diving 49) _T___ Myoglobin content decreases in animals that exhibit shorter dive durations 50) _F___ Phocids have greater sensitivity to sound in air than underwater 51) _T___ Sound travels faster in water because water is denser than air 52) _F___ Pinnipeds have a double slit pupil 53) _T___ Sirenians can grasp objects with their perioral bristles 54) _F___ Warm core eddies cause upwelling of water from deeper depths Th Version A sh is ar stu ed d vi y re aC s o ou urc rs e eH w er as o. co m Powered by TCPDF ( ) 6 | 1 0 ...
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