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CSC3380 Object Oriented Design Lecture 11: Observer
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Quiz answer Pattern: Strategy
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Strategy vs. State Similar diagrams, easy to confuse. Strategies: Created outside the object. Given to it with constructor or as a function parameter. (the latter is in the scavenger hunt) Handle a single, specific thing (like grasping or navigation) Can be multiple strategies simultaneously in one object. Usually don’t change while the object is live. States: Handle everything an object does. Sometimes hold a reference to their context. Often the state is responsible for changing to a new state or returning one. Generally only one.
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This class Observer pattern Event-driven programming
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Procedural programming (without events) Program starts in “main” (or at the beginning of the script) Create objects, call methods. Methods call other methods. Eventually, all methods return, main exits.
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Event-driven programming (AKA publish/ subscribe) Wait Wait for something to happen (poll events). Register Register event handlers. Define Define events. Create Create objects.
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What are events? AKA signals, triggers Events are objects which represent an important occurrence Objects are polled .
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