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CS5285 Information Security for eCommerce Dr. Gerhard Hancke CS Department City University of Hong Kong 1
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Reminder of last week Information security o Basic concepts and terminology o Threats, services, mechanisms, algorithms Where to find countermeasures and mechanisms? o What is a standard? Good and bad aspects. o Standard bodies o Internet/company standards 2
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Today’s Lecture Confidentiality o Symmetric key encryption mechanisms CILO2 and CILO5 (technology that impact systems, and security mechanisms) 3
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Symmetric Key Encryption 4 Cryptographic Tools: Symmetric Key Encryption
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Symmetric Key Encryption 5 Crypto a brief introduction Cryptology The art and science of making and breaking secret codes Cryptography making secret codes o ychrpyaprtgo o C = M K Cryptanalysis breaking secret codes o ychrpyaprtgo is cracked to ______________, QED. Crypto all of the above (and more ) o More on non-repudiation (signature), authentication, identification, zero-knowledge, commitment, and more o Any reference books?... Bruce Schneier’ s Applied Cryptography, Handbook of Applied Cryptography, Introduction to Modern Cryptography
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Cryptography Part I 6 "The history of codes and ciphers is the story of the centuries-old battle between codemakers and codebreakers, an intellectual arms race that has had a dramatic impact on the course of history." Simon Singh, The Code Book
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