Case-2-Appex-Corporation-PDF.pdf - Case 2 Appex Corporation CIS 410-02 Justin Tharp Tharp 1 Executive Summary In this case I will be looking at the

Case-2-Appex-Corporation-PDF.pdf - Case 2 Appex Corporation...

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Case 2 Appex Corporation 2/7/2017 CIS 410-02 Justin Tharp
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Tharp 1 Executive Summary In this case, I will be looking at the Appex Corporation and the different organizational structures that it has tried to implement. The goal of this case is to examine the problems with each organizational structure that is an option for Appex, and determine which will be the best fit for the organization as a whole. I will examine who all is involved in the company and how the structure will affect all individuals involved, along with looking at competition and what the company ’s mission is, even after they are bought out. The Problem There are many problems with Appex as an upcoming organization. Being in the cellular phone business in the late 1980s, they are growing rapidly with an unorganized and ineffective organizational structure. Starting out, they had a very loose structure- everyone did everything and they did it on their own time. With organizational boundaries this flexible, it proved problematic as there was no set way that people would do things, so half the time employees would have a lack of communication on projects and customer relations. As more of a Matrix organizational structure in the beginning, this was a problem because employees would not know who was working on what project and how far along they were. As different structures were tested, some problems were fixed as others occurred, and it was difficult to see which structure would best benefit the company as a whole and help them to make customers happier and grow their business. The overlying problem that the CEO Shikhar Ghosh has to solve is what organizational structure is right for Appex? Industry Competitive Analysis
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