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L E C T U R E 5 : P R O C E S S A N A LY S I S - I I T E X T B O O K C H A P T E R 5 1 INSE 6210: Total Quality Methodologies in Engineering INSE 6210
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TOOLS FOR PROCESS ANALYSIS Process Mapping Value Stream Mapping Statistical Thinking Root Cause Analysis Cause-and-Effect Diagrams 2
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PROCESS MAPPING A process map or flowchart identifies the sequence of activities or the flow of materials and information in a process. 3 Connector Process/Step/Action Decision Begin/End Start/Stop
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PROCESS MAPPING AT&T suggests the following steps: Begin with the process output and ask, “What is the last essential subprocess that produces the output of the process?” . For that subprocess, ask, “What input does it need to produce the proces output ?” For each input, test its value to ensure that it is required. For each input, identify its source. In many cases, the input will be the output of the previous subprocess. In some cases, the input may come from external suppliers. Continue backward, one process at a time, until each input comes from an external supplier. 4
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