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Lecture Outline – Lecture 15: Transitions to Marriage and Parenthood The Transition to Marriage -- Transition =changes in which we restructure our lives or reorder our goals in responses to changing experiences When to Marry Nearly 90% marry at least once in their lives Waiting longer. 1950: 20.3 yrs for women and 22.8 for men 2003: 25.3 yrs for women and 27.1 for men Whom to Marry – Factors Affecting Mate Selection We tend to select mates similar to ourselves. Compatibility Men and women emphasize different characteristics as important --Females look for commitment, ambitious, intelligence, financial status moral, older/ same age partner --Males look for physical attractiveness, younger partner There are cultural differences as well Childhood attachment patterns serve as good indicators of adult internal working models and relationship experiences ( textbook page 372-373) Making it Work – Marital Roles o Types of Marriages --Traditional marriage --Clear division of husband’s and wife’s roles
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Lecture15Outline-MarriageParent - Lecture Outline Lecture...

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