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Lecture Outline – Lecture 13: Emotional and Social Development in Adolescence and Physical Development in Early Adulthood Task #4: Identify Formation Definition of identity = a well-organized conception of the self made up of values, beliefs and goals to which the individual is solidly committed. ( often seen as the major psychological task of adolescence) –Must intergrate the various components of one’s self-understanding into a coherent identity Why identity issues are so important now? --In confronting all other changes (e.g. body, others’ expectations, cognitive abilities), realize that you are changing and becoming someone else. Who? Erikson’s notions about the process and its psychosocial conflicts Erikson saw process as driven by an identity crisis= a temporary period of confusion and distress experienced while experimenting with alternatives-outcome =identity achievement vs. identity role confusion Nature of process Not a simple, straight forward process. Takes place gradually over time. Involve exploration and a questioning of values. Large part takes place via peers and peer networks—rehearsals Multiple Domains of Exploration --Vocation/ Career --Political beliefs --Religious beliefs and values --Sexual identity --Gender role beliefs --Cultural/ ethnic identity --Personality and interests Spotlight on one type of Identity: Ethnic Identity 1
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Defined as feeling of belonging to a specific ethnic group Achieving an ethnic identity occurs in states –disinterest, exploration, achievement Maybe challenging for ethnic minority youth to negotiate stereotypes of their group held by main stream culture Maybe challenging to confront conflicting values Research indicates benefits of having a strong ethnic identity –self esteem, academic achievement (higher) Stages of Identity Formation Identity achievement –completed the struggle –committed to a set of self-chosen values and
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LectureOutline13-+Adol_AdultPhys - Lecture Outline Lecture...

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