CSP final - Mark Stone CSP 100 Chauncey Williams 8/9/07...

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Mark Stone CSP 100 Chauncey Williams 8/9/07 laxworld@umich.edu Summer 2007 Receiving my acceptance letter from the University of Michigan meant more then just a four-year academic experience. It meant taking a long-standing legacy further. Originally enrolled in the University of Colorado, I aspired for more. I had a talk with my mother about leadership and how I want to be a leader at a large corporation. I felt that I was just going to be nobody if I attended the University of Colorado and that I wanted something else. No one has dreams and sets goals to be moderate, and I knew the University of Colorado was not the right place for me. After talking to the lacrosse coach here at the University and getting a persistent feeling from him I decided to apply. Constantly dreaming to become a Michigan graduate finally came true on April 18 th when I got my acceptance letter from the university. The feeling I got from reading the letter cannot be replaced by any other feeling in the world. Being told I was going to have to attend The Summer Bridge Program did not come as a set back, but an inspirational tool to get better. The Summer Bridge Program has taught me a tremendous amount. Essential tools such as the correct way to study, how to overcome peer pressure, and the elimination of distractions were just some of the tools I learned this summer. I know that all of the tools I have learned are all very important for the success as a student here at the university. Growing up, hearing about my parents experience at Michigan frightened me. My father
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would tell me, “There is no partying in Michigan, the only party you will be attending is in the UGLI.” I new Michigan was a place I dreamed about attending and that I was going to do anything it took to get into such a great institution. The Bridge Program worked as a metaphorical bridge into college for me and has pushed me into the correct direction for success. The Summer Bridge Program created a real workload for a college student at the
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CSP final - Mark Stone CSP 100 Chauncey Williams 8/9/07...

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