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CD observation2 - Language Observation Child Development 1...

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Language Observation Child Development 1 1. What was the date, time, and place of your visit? 3/23/07, 10:45-12, Eliot Pearson Children’s School 2. How old are the children you observed? (Use your knowledge of language development to guess if you’re not positive.) Preschool: 3-5 3. How did the children you observed use language? What functions did it serve (e.g. emotional, social)? Give specific examples. The children’s use of language occasionally served emotional functions (“I’m tired.”); however, the children used language for mostly social purposes. They asked many questions (“How do you say ‘leg’ in Norwegian?”), made various demands and comments (“I want a turn now!”, “I do it myself!”, and “It’s sooo wet here!”), made noises while they were playing (“vroooom” while playing with a toy motorcycle), and copied what their peers and teachers said. Much of what the children used language for was to get what they wanted, to increase, reinforce, or show their knowledge and understanding of things, and to interact with their peers. 4. Listen carefully to the words used by the children, would you classify most of them as objects, action or state words (see Berk table 9.2)? Explain why the children you observed may have more words from one category than from another. Give specific examples. Most of the kids used object words more frequently than action words, and state words the least often. They would use physical motions to enhance their speech and get their point across. One
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CD observation2 - Language Observation Child Development 1...

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