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CD observation3 - CD 1 School Observation Three Social and...

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CD 1: School Observation Three Social and Emotional Development IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE DOING YOUR OBSERVATION. Prior to doing observing children at the Eliot Pearson Children’s School or the Tufts Educational Day Care Center, you must familiarize yourself with the observation guidelines for each of these sites. The guidelines can be found on Blackboard. ALL STUDENTS, including those conducting your observations elsewhere, please note the guidelines for proper conduct outlined on page two of the Eliot Pearson Children’s School document. ALSO, prior to conducting your observation, you are REQUIRED to read the section in your Berk book on Ethics in Research on Children, which can be found on pages 62-65. These observations are to be done on children’s social and emotional development. Observations should be no less than an hour long. You should bring this form with you when you do your observation and take detailed notes. HOWEVER, the final observation form that you hand in to us must be typewritten. Use this form; your answers should not exceed the spaces provided below under each question. Margins should not be adjusted and font must be 12-point. DUE DATE: Tuesday, April 24 th , 10:30AM (the start of class) 1. What were the date, time, and place of your visit? April 19, 2007. 3:30-5:10. Hamilton Pool (in the Tufts athletic center). 2. How old are the children you observed? (Use your knowledge of children’s development – physical, cognitive and social-emotional – to guess if you’re not positive.) 4-5 years old. 3.
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CD observation3 - CD 1 School Observation Three Social and...

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