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Psych Observation1

Psych Observation1 - PSY 11 Situation I went to the...

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PSY 11 3/2/07 Situation: I went to the Children’s PlaySpace in the Natick Mall food court from 1-2 pm to watch children play. Since several towns in this area release kindergarteners at noon, there were a lot of younger kids—between three and six—at first. More older kids came a few minutes before I left, but most of my observations are of younger children. Pretend play: I observed a great deal of pretend play and object substitution. Several kids pretended to be in a spaceship, using a Frisbee as the steering wheel. The ~5-year-old boy driving “got lost” and the spaceship exploded. He told his playmates to pretend there was ice and they all started “slipping” around. His mother laughed and told him there is no ice in space, but affirmed that there is fire when he asked. The boy then told his playmates that there is no ice and they pretended they were burning by screaming and writhing around. This showed their understanding and knowledge of space, and how people react to different conditions. There was less complex play as well, such as kids pretending to climb a mountain or be a dinosaur. One girl demonstrated sociodramatic play as she helped her doll up some stairs and down a slide.
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