PsychObservation2 - Psy11 4/11/07 Dragon Tales (PBS)...

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Psy11 4/11/07 Dragon Tales (PBS) “Dragon Tales” has several main characters: Emmy is Max’s older sister. She is smart, adventurous, and a natural leader. Max is stubborn, independent, and looks up to his older sister. The siblings go to “Dragonland” with their friend Enrique, who is bilingual and very smart, to visit their dragon friends. The blue dragon Ord is big, silly, and very timid. Cassie, the pink dragon, is shy, sweet, and sensitive. Zak (green and blue) and Wheezie (purple and lavender) are twins; Zak is more reserved, laidback, and anxious, while Wheezie is very outgoing, wild, and carefree. Quetzal, yellow, is the old, wise, helpful dragon. In the first 15-minute episode, Zak and Wheezie are supposed to play a concert for the princess but they’re shedding their scales and are embarrassed by their looks. Their friends come up with multiple “solutions” to cover themselves, but to no avail. Finally, Enrique shows them his bad haircut and they decide to play anyway and hope people will notice their talent instead of their looks. This idea works and everyone enjoys the concert. In the second episode, Emmy goes off to summer camp and Max misses her terribly. He and his friends do the same activities they think Emmy is doing, but Max is still sad that Emmy is missing all the fun. He ends up taking pictures of everything they do so he can send them to her with a letter. Recess
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PsychObservation2 - Psy11 4/11/07 Dragon Tales (PBS)...

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