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Part D for Defective

Part D for Defective - “Part D for Defective” –Avorn...

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Unformatted text preview: “Part D for Defective” –Avorn Summary-Summarizes survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation about new Medicare drug benefit-Data reflects experience of elderly people who were well enough to participate **does not take into account those who were too sick** Graph: impressions/understanding of new benefit 45% didn’t like, 23% didn’t know, 23% liked, 9% neutral 40% didn’t understand, 21% didn’t understand too well, 19% understood somewhat well, 15% knew well, 5% didn’t know/respond-Strange design- Bush brags 25 million people covered- 20 million already had adequate coverage-Provided 12% of elderly coverage they didn’t already have, and worsened many patients’ situations (since states fully covered medications)-6.2 million elderly reassigned to private insurers many were unaware, and many had to (partially) pay and/or get prior authorization for medications they already had covered critical crises- states paid for emergency care-Medicare- “chronic” problems… “lethal flaw may not have been in the implementation of the...
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