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Teele Square - Soc 111 Teele Square Background and...

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Soc 111 2/15/08 Teele Square Background and Information: Teele Square is a fairly new “square” on Clarendon Hill, one of the seven hills in Somerville. It takes up little more than two blocks on Broadway at its intersection with Holland St, and Curtis St. Teele Square has only recently been built up (in the past decade or so); it was previously a few stores and restaurants on the side of the road. It has been a growing attraction due to the addition of various restaurants and businesses, as well as its convenient location. Teele Square is located about half a mile from Powderhouse Square, Davis Square, Route 16, and Tufts. It is close to Arlington, Medford, and Cambridge as well. Nevertheless, Teele Square does not get many visitors when compared to nearby Davis Square. There is, however, a lot of cut-through traffic at most times throughout the day. Broadway connects several main roads, including I-93, Rte 28, and Rte 16. A recently implemented policy in Teele Square allows for free parking for up to two hours. It seems to be popular because there were few available parking spots each time I went. It is also easy for commuters to get to and from Teele Square. There are a couple MBTA buses that run through, and Davis station is about a 10 minute walk away. Buildings and Businesses Teele Square is surrounded by residential areas. The nearby houses that I saw are well- kept and tidy with no junk sitting, rusting, and/or decaying in the yard (like I have seen in other areas of Somerville). Most are split-level/multi-family homes and have fresh paint, shoveled walkways, and small lawns. Several are rented out by Tufts students. The sidewalks and streets
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are well-maintained and shoveled—I was glad to notice very few ice patches—but the sides of the street with parking were not cleared of the snow. Most of the buildings in Teele Square are old brick, although some have been renovated and look a little bit newer. There is a new condominium being built on the outskirts of Teele square. Its size, modern architecture, and white and tan paint stand out against the older styles seen in the rest of square. When I was approaching Teele Square I noticed that most stores on one side of the street have awnings (many of them blue), while the stores on the other side have green and gold signs. I also saw a
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Teele Square - Soc 111 Teele Square Background and...

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