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I. a. law of effect b. when made contingent on a behavior, decreases the frequency of that behavior. c. providing consequences for a behavior that decrease the freq of that behavior II. a. to reduce the freq of a target behavior by making disapproval contingent on the target behavior b. response cost c. time out d. restitution for damage caused by the target behavior, repeated performance of appropriate behavior
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Unformatted text preview: e. brief and non-injurious III. a food. b. punishment c. rumination IV. a. define target behavior b. punishers c. immediate and certain d. extinction and differential e. monitor results V. a. innaproproately b. moral c. emotional, abuse, imitation PRACTICE QUIZ: 1. punisher 2. time out 3. cost 4. 5. 6. differential reinforcement 7. time out 8. overcorrection 9. lemon juice 10. reinforces...
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