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punishment continued - d. Potential for abuse when using...

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Many behaviorists arue that punishment, especially physical punishment is inappropriate, especially when dealing with people who cannot help themselves. Children Mentally handicapped At CSH, they use time out and physical restrains, or medications. But all of these are closely monitored and encouraged as a last resort. There are cases where brief electric shock has been used successfully to eliminate self- injury. The use of these devices are not legal in GA. Which is more ethical? Potential Problems with Punishment: It works. It can be very effective (behavior stops immediately) so the person using the punishment is reinforced! 1. inappropriate use: because it works, people tend to overuse it or use it for the wrong reasons 2. moral objectives: we all have to decide for ourselves 3. Negative side effects a. Emotional reasons (fear and anger) b. Escape and avoidance of the one who delivers the punisher c. The one who delivers the punishment becomes the conditioned punisher
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Unformatted text preview: d. Potential for abuse when using physical punishment e. Imitation: the one whose behavior is being punished imitates the punisher. *kids who receive physical punishment often are physically more aggressive towards others Question: whats your personal feeling? Rules for Punishment: 1. define the target behavior--one to decrease and one to increase. *Punishment will only decrease a target behavior. It does not by itself teach the right behavior. *this is where you deliberately plan to reinforce another behavior. 2. select appropriate punishers; use the mildest punisher that will reduce the rate of the behavior (one that is effective) 3make punishment immediate and ceetain 4. use extinction and or 5. monitor results. THE BARRON RULE FOR PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT: Only use physical punishment if the behavior is potentially harmful for self or others...
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punishment continued - d. Potential for abuse when using...

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