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Examination Cover Page Examination Period: 2018 HE Term 2 Academic Institution: Central Queensland University Academic Group: Higher Education Division Academic Career: Undergraduate Examination Type: 2018 HE Term 2 Standard Affix Student ID Sticker here I have read and understood the penalties involved if I do not abide by the rules outlined on the back of this examination paper. Student Signature: _______________________________________ Student ID Number: Unit: Human Body Systems 1 Subject Area: BMSC Catalog Number: 11001 Paper Number: 1 Component: ALL Components Duration 180 minutes Exam Conditions Closed Book Perusal Time 15 minutes First Contact Breanna McGaughey Contact Number (07) 4930 9268 Second Contact Candice Pullen Contact Number (07) 4923 2088 Office Use: Release examination paper via the CQ University Past Exams website two weeks after the DE/SE examination period? Yes Instructor Authorised/Allowed Materials Dictionary - non-electronic, concise, direct translation only (dictionary must not contain any notes or comments). No Calculators Permitted Special Instructions to Students: Please see instruction sheet on first page of the examination paper. Examination Office Supplied Materials 1 x Rough Paper 1 x Image Sheet Questions Answered Marks Questions Answered Marks Number of examination answer booklets used: Number of separate sheets attached (Do not include rough paper): This examination paper is not to be released to the student at the conclusion of the examination. Central Queensland University considers improper conduct in examinations to be a serious offence. Penalties for cheating are exclusion from the University and cancellation with academic penalty from the unit concerned.
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Term 2 2018 Standard Examination BMSC11001 – Human Body Systems 1 Page 1 of 21 INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS: 1. There are 18 questions in this examination. 2. The examination has 5 sections A, B, C, D and E. a. Section A: i. 1 odd one out question ii. Total of 20 marks iii. Suggested Time: 40mins b. Section B: i. 4 diagram labelling questions ii. Total of 20 marks iii. Suggested Time: 20mins c. Section C: i. 2 terminology questions ii. Total of 20 marks iii. Suggested Time: 30mins d. Section D: i. 6 missing word questions ii. Total of 20 marks iii. Suggested Time: 45mins e. Section E: i. 5 process and arrangement questions ii. Total of 20 marks iii. Suggested Time: 45mins 3. Marks for each question are indicated. 4. All questions are to be answered in the space provided on the examination paper(s). 5. A separate image sheet containing coloured pictures of the diagrams in Section B has been provided. Please refer to these coloured pictures for extra clarity should this be needed. 6. Total for this exam is 100 marks.
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