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Health and Safety Risk Assessment Experiment: Exp 1 - Distillation Approved By: Signature and Date Student Name: Chloe Thiel, Olivia Palm, Sai Prashanti Kolukuluri Student Number: 19478078, 19238528, 19495860 Date: 22/10/2019 Likelihood Consequence Insignificant eg. No injuries Minor eg. First aid needed Moderate eg Medical attention + several days off work Major eg Long term injury or illness Catastrophic eg. Kill or permanently maim Almost Certain Event is expected to occur in most circumstances MEDIUM HIGH EXTREME EXTREME EXTREME Likely Event could occur some time/annually MEDIUM MEDIUM HIGH EXTREME EXTREME Possible Event could occur, but rarely - once every 1-10 yrs LOW MEDIUM HIGH HIGH EXTREME Unlikely Even may occur but probably never will once every 10 -100 yrs LOW LOW MEDIUM HIGH HIGH Rare Event expected to occur only in exceptional circumstances. LOW LOW LOW MEDIUM HIGH Summary of Requirements Personal Protective Equipment Enclosed shoes, long sleeves (or a lab coat), long pants, safety glasses and long hair tied back.
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