ANTH-135-nov15 - - Extra credit sign attendance sheet....

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- Extra credit – sign attendance sheet. Write a ½ page summary (due Tuesday, 20 November) maximum of 3 points added to your final course score. - The Hesnurgh lecture series: fall 2007. 7-8:30pm. Thursday November 15 th . Lost in translation, bringing American idals to the middle east. - Assignment 4: 1. describe the gender roles among the a. San b. Hadza c. Washo d. Tiwi e. Eskimo 2. How does the distriubution of valuable resources outside the family/househould influence gender status 3. basr your answers on the friedl article 4. address both in 2 pages. Must be in your own words. Follow instructions SI anth 135 – Thursday – 12:30-1:25 halle Mon 4-4:55 239 Strong. *Sexuality and Culture* Culture influences sexual behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs. *Bronislaw Malinowski - “The sexual life of savages” 1929 *Trobrianad Islands, Melanesia Gender relations Kinship and marriage Premarital sex Rites of passage Sexual practices Freams and fantasies. Margaret Mead – Coming of age in Somoa – 1928 Far less sexual anxiety/distress among young women in Somoa compared to U.S Inis Beag Little knowledge of many sexual activities
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ANTH-135-nov15 - - Extra credit sign attendance sheet....

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