Anth Final review - Gender roles among 1 San 2 Hadza 3...

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Gender roles among 1. San 2. Hadza 3. Washo 4. Twi 5. Eskimo How does the distribution of valuable resources outside the family / household influence gender status Based on Friedl article Sex and Gender 1. Sex is biological a. 2. Gender –cultural, learned generation to generation a. Culturally constructed masculine Gender Roles 1. Culturally defined activities, behaviors, & expectations for male and female sexes a. People culturally attach engendered (learned gender) roles 2. Gender roles differ by culture a. No universal gender roles b. All Cultures tend to view their own gender roles as “natural” or “universal” Gender Roles in Papua New Guinea ( Margaret Mead) She would culturally compare 1920/1930 gender roles in USA to Papua New Guinea 3. Arambesh a. b. Men higher status than women 4. Mundugumor a. Men & Women similar to U.S. men i.e. men & women worked outside of home 5. Tchambuli a. Men similar to U.S. women b. Women similar to U.S. men Bororo Dancers men dancers dressed in finest very colorful dress Heavy labor outside of the home is done by the women 1. Women primary agriculturists a. Vietnam, industrial agriculture b. Iran agriculture
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c. Indonesia agriculture 2. Heavy construction a. India / bricks b. Yanomamo firewood c. Bhutan d.
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Anth Final review - Gender roles among 1 San 2 Hadza 3...

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