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SOCL Chap 7 - The Rationalization of Society Why did...

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The Rationalization of Society Why did Society Make a Deep Shift in Human Relationship? Traditional Societies Traditional authority; ● Personal relationships Status quo (change undesirable, suspicious) Not who’s the best at doing things, but, who is he related to Shift in Human Relationships? ● Tradition replaced by rationality ● Personal relations replaced by impersonal [short-term] contracts ● The past no longer rules the present ● Rationalization of society Marx: Capitalism Broke Tradition Investing in manufacture Weber: religion Broke Tradition Protestantism (embrace change) vs. Catholicism (traditional) (Success in life, accumulation of money and investment in profit-making activities (god approves this) Capitalism demands rationalization that investors carefully calculate results
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Formal Organizations and Bureaucracies Formal Organizations Secondary groups designed to achieve explicit objectives Central features of modern societies The Characteristics of Bureaucracies
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