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charlie chap - gentleman trying to be something he’s not...

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Charlie Chaplin - silent film comedian “Easy Street” film clip – we think of easy street as having it ‘made’ but the film proves to be ironic because it is placed in the ghetto, setting now has meaning, Chaplin’s character shows and individual sense of justice rather than the conventional police > he’s a bum wearing police clothing not made for him, waddles as he walks, jokes slipped into narration (checks shoe when he comes in the room b/c it smells like poop), mostly realistic Mechanical gag - costume he wears, the night stick, etc. . Easy Street differs from Sennett’s because it mirrors reality; it’s not escapism, gags come with narration, deals with ideological concerns, challenges dominant ideology The ‘tramp’ = character Chaplin plays in all of his films “The Gold Rush” film clip- story > Chaplin’s character [a clown/loser/hopeless romantic] falls in love with a prostitute. . he wears a tux (trying to imitate wealth, present himself as a
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Unformatted text preview: gentleman, trying to be something he’s not) humor doesn’t dominate, instead we emotionally identify with him and feel bad for him (specifically when he is left alone at the end) - true comedy, contains many close ups that get us emotionally involved, Pathos- what we understand and relate to, not detachment Gold Rush = true comedy, character based, more developmental comedy Sennett’s= farce, more formless comedy Tone- how the creator’s feel about character… ‘cool’ – we’re better than character / ‘warm’- we identify with the character (uses close ups) “Modern Times” film clip- makes comment on the world around him, high social commentary, his first film with partial sound, boss character is the only one with the power to speak, technology dehumanizes Chaplin’s character, freedom v. control, anti-big business, more about message than the jokes...
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