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inart 10 notes - King Kong film clip-by RKO how do you come...

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Unformatted text preview: King Kong film clip-by RKO: how do you come up with sound effects for something that has no known sound? A new job created – sound engineer > Murray Spirak (created the sound effects department) found ways to use new and innovative sound which led to what we call today … Foley Artist- the sound effect ( created the giant gorilla’s sound with lion roar and tiger roar), Kong is the first film to put movie to a musical score, Max Steiner is the first to create a entire musical score for a film (this film) almost before part of the sound effects – music + sound effects become a sequence that fits each action/ emotion…designed to not call attention to itself, just fits. Also played with layering sound motifs- certain pieces of music, melody, or serious of notes that goes with certain character, emotion, or scene (Kong has a 3 note motif in descending order that we always hear as he comes) the music acts as a cue to the audience, somber, minor key – sets the mood for what’s going to happen as...
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