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Hiring Based on Genetic Data I do not believe it is ethical to refrain from hiring someone simply because they have predisposed or presymptomatic genetic conditions. In fact, I do not think the genetic information is at all the property of the employer. The information should be the sole property of the employee, and therefore the employer should have no access to the information whatsoever. In similarity to hiring someone because of their race or sex, refraining from hiring someone because they may become handicap in the future is simply a form of discrimination. Whether or not someone has certain predisposed or presymptomatic genes does not affect their brain and work power, so refraining from hiring someone on account of this is nothing less than discrimination. In accordance with this, it is absolutely unethical at the highest level for an employer to engage in genetic testing on an employee without their consent. If for some reason the employee gives their consent to be tested,
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