Inart 10 notes - (monkey see monkey do Often companies will copy idea for an “A” film and do it faster and cheaper to make money “B” Films

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11/6/07 San Francisco film clip: (movie made about the fires) with Clark Gable (shoot him praying from behind , protecting your actor, because he can’t cry on command and it would be too feminine anyway, illusionism gives us a good idea of how America wants to see itself in the mid 1930’s, somehow America is better, ending tells us it’s an “A” film because it tells us we can get through anything, the fire in the movie, or the great depression in the eyes in the audience, puts God on our side, ethnicity and nationalities in the background very stereotyped but still included except for black (only two black people in the film were entertainers), don’t kiss at the end b/c the actors don’t like each other even though it seems like Blackie and the girl should. Presents dominant ideology with a cultural message making it a classic “A” film. When it becomes a success, every other film company begins to create disaster movies
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Unformatted text preview: (monkey see, monkey do) Often companies will copy idea for an “A” film and do it faster and cheaper to make money “B” Films- quickly written, quickly filmed, low budgets, not the biggest stars yet or former stars past their prime Exploitative-Nudy flicks- of the 60s : soft core porn with every background subject possible ( nude on the moon), violence, crapy films, all about the money “Spooks Run Wild” film clip : uses set from another movie, simplistic plot, stereotypical characters, all medium/ medium-long shot, terrible lighting effects and awful scary special effects Independent- “Easy Writer” one of the first indie films, try to be of quality with a message, Character actors- specialize as being type cast in one role...
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